Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blythe con 2012 Dallas

Say hello to this little lone star ghost.  She haunts the little pueblos of Tejas hoping to find a friend that won't mind taking her home.

She is my contribution to Blythe con Dallas. She use to be an LPS Blythe. She will come with a coffin that was donated by Fiddybobiddy and customized by me. She also has my first alpaca reroot.

Work Done:

Airbrushed make up and body
Hand painted details and skeleton
Custom coffin
White Alpaca re rooted hair
Paint sealed with MSC
Custom eye chips in metallic lavender pink
Hand made flower tiara

I hope you guys like her, she's a bit on the quirky side, but also sweet.


  1. she's perfect! i wouldn't mind having her at all, no one would. best LPS make over ever.

  2. May I ask how did you remove the LPS blythe eye chips or eyes, without damaging the doll? thank you very much. beautiful work!!!

    1. Hi,

      I ended up carefully cutting off the scalp and removed the eyes from the inside. Once I got the eyeballs removed I soaked them in soapy water for a day. The eye chips were easy to remove after that, they just popped off. I painted them the same way you paint regular Blythe eye chips and glued them back to the eyeball. Hope that info helps :)